Why Disney?


I've been reading a lot of blogs lately. I find blogs calm my stress and answer all my questions. It's probably one of my favourite pass times at the moment. I came across Samantha's blog, and she had this one post I really relate to. She basically described 100% how I feel about Disney, so I'm deciding to share it.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Why Disney? 
This is a question I get a lot. Now that I have started to tell people about my love for Disney, people are constantly asking me why? Some times I think they are thinking " you are 18 years old and of all of the things to be passionate about you chose Disney? A company mainly known for its princesses and family entertainment" I think a lot of people wonder this, and I would of thought the same thing too. I now know that Disney is way more then just a company that makes movies about princesses and fairytales. Disney is a company started by my celebrity role model Walt Disney himself. Yes my obsession with Disney started with the man himself. The first time I remember having interest in Walt was when my family took our first and only trip to Walt Disney World ... I have learned so much about Disney and about myself since that trip but one thing that has remained the same is Disney. People have religion to turn to when times get tough, but me and many other people we turn to Disney. I love Disney because of what I think it stands for: Family, hopes, dreams, wishes, never giving up, believing in yourself and so much more. I personally believe that Walt Disney was not a bad man. Not everyone will agree with me and I know and accept that but thats what I think and people will never be able to tell me otherwise. Walt Disney has shown me its okay to be different, fight for what you believe in and follow your dreams. Everything I have heard millions of times but when it comes from such an amazing man like Walt its different.Overall I love disney for what it stands for, what it does to help people. Gives me something to believe in and Walt Disney inspires me to do the impossible.
Check out Samantha's blog. She has completed her program, and her blog is extremely informative. She's also is from Canada!!! On her blog she provides a list of other CRP blogs which helped me a ton.
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