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Someone requested that I make a post regarding the application process, and people who blogged about this really helped me out, so I'd love to help others! First off I want to mention a few things before I begin that I discovered while applying:
1. The Canadian and UK applications (I'm not sure about any other countries) are completely different. The UK applicants are given a questioner, and from my memory I was not required to fill out anything of that sort. It was just a typical online application (C/V and cover letter). Also the UK applicants have a different interview process as well. They do a pre-screen and then a face-to-face interview. I had only one interview and it was a face-to-face interview.
2. The fiscal year of 2014 is the first year that Disney has been in charge of the hiring process for Canada. Before YummyJobs used to handle the recruitment for Canada. YummyJobs from my research, still is in charge of recruiting all the other countries. This means if you are not from Canada, what I say will not necessarily apply to you; however, I will try and generalize my advice.


So I took a communications class that taught us how to increase your chances of being recognized during online applications when an automated system scans for the best candidates. I have no proof of whether or not Disney does this; however, rumour has it (i.e the Facebook group) that is how they narrow down the candidates. And it would probably be the easiest method as I'd assume hundreds-thousands apply each hiring season from each country. From that I assume they would find those who are best suited and that's who are invited for an interview. Again, I have no proof as to whether this is true or not.

So anyways, we learned a few things, and I took that advice and I feel confident that this advice helped me immensely.

  • Read the job description very carefully. Ensure you are qualified.
  • Research the job before you apply. I knew almost everything about the job before I even submitted my application. I knew all the pros and cons. Make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. It will save yourself time, and Disney's time! 
  • Pull keywords from the job description. If they are requiring someone reliable, use reliable in your cover letter somehow, or cultured, organized, etc.. Read exactly what they want, and describe how you fit that part. (This is super important because automated systems search for the key words from the job description)
  • Personalize your cover letter! I talked about how Disney is a huge part of my family and the reasons as to why I love it. I talked about how when my father passed, I held onto Disney for nostalgic reasons. Show them why you care about the company. I also talked about participating in Magic Music Days and what it was like to see Disney from a work perspective. 
  • Talk about what you would get out of it. Yes this is an amazing experience cause... uhm... YOU LIVE AT DISNEY!! But what about the future? How will this help you 10 years from now?
  • For your resume, only include what is relevant. I was applying for F&B so I only included F&B experience, and one customer service job.
  • Make sure everything is formatted and edited. My sister helped edit mine for 2 hours before I submitted it (Thanks Christine). My Dad told me that he used to throwout resumes if there was a formatting or spelling error. "If they can't put an effort into getting the job, why would they put an effort in their job?" is what he used to tell me. Best advice ever imo. 
  • Make sure you're happy with it. 
  • Submit!!!!
I really hope this helps someone. If not, here are the following blogs and websites that I have to give credit to. These were what I found helped me the most!

Dan was one of the first blogs I found. He answered a lot of questions about the program that the job description did not cover. 

Adam covers everything! He also just launched a new YouTube channel, so keep your eyes out for that. His advice is great. 

I love Rebecca's videos! She is so good on camera and her vlogs showed me all the wonderful possibilities there are down there. Her advice is also great!

I just recently found Rachel but I love her videos so I thought I would share them. She did the DCP; however, the programs are the same in some contexts. So some things she discusses are still relevant. 

This is the channel run by Disney. It covers the basic FAQ.

I was a long time lurker before I created an account. But this website is a forum for International Programs at Disney. So many people ask questions you are probably having, or you can ask your own. 

Last but not least, find a Facebook group! You can ask to be invited to one on WDWIP, or just search Disney CRP 2015/16/ or whatever in Facebook. I made so many friends from the group that I haven't even met yet. Plus if you don't get accepted, the support from strangers who understand your pain could be more helpful than your friends who doesn't understand. 


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