Day three, four, five....etc.


Sorry for not updating. I tried vlogging instead. (Insert shameless plug). If you haven't subscribed to my Youtube channel, go do it!!! I have a link in the left side tab.

So Nashville was amazing. It was more than I ever expected. We went out at around 7/8:00 and the streets were packed. Every bar seemed full, and live entertainment was playing in the streets, in the bars, and I absolutely loved it. Surprising thing is that no one really knew how to dance. Maybe we just didn't end up at any of the dancing bars, but no one was dancing. I tried to teach Darian the basics of Country Swinging, and people starting taking videos and cheering... AND WE WERE HARDLY DANCING. Not going to lie, I wish I had my dance partner, Braden there. We would have killed it! One day. (Braden if you're reading this... On your way to Georgia, lets go to Nashville together!)

Then Atlanta was next. It was okay. Nothing to special. I thought it was cool how big the downtown core was. Atlanta has "downtown" and then "midtown" which essentially (in my eyes) just separates a HUGE downtown. We did try to go out, but it was pretty dead on a Friday night. We ended up playing in an arcade and then I edited my videos.

Then we arrived in Orlando after a long drive, and me getting burnt in the car. My friends Deeanna and Brayden are staying down here at a timeshare, so Darian and I stayed with them. On May 3rd we went to universal studios. If you'd like to see that I vlogged it. (AND you should have subscribed by now!).

Today we went to Cocoa Beach and I went surfing for the first time ever. Thats one more thing off my bucket list! It's actually so fun, and I want to go AT LEAST once a month. We didn't take a surf lesson because it was so expensive, so I Youtubed how to surf before we went. It was pretty hard, but after an hour I got the hang of it. I stood up completely once, and a cute old man cheered me on which felt awesome. Most of the times I would just ride the waves on my knees. I'm too much of a klutz to find my centre of balance enough to surf the wave, so this was a good cheat. But I really want to learn how to surf. I'm considering buying a board (a styrofoam one since I'm a beginner) and just going out as much as I can. The drive isn't even that far! It'll be interesting to read this after my program to see if I did this or not. We'll see.


(P.s I wrote this and never published it, so I apologize!!) 

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