Makeup vs. Florida


Living in Orlando you learn a lot of things. You learn when to know exactly what time of the day it rains, and roughly how long the rain will last. You learn how to always have a smile on your face, and use the Disney point... And you eventually learn how to do your makeup to withstand the humidity, heat, air-conditioning, rollercoasters, and rain!

So here are my top tips for doing your makeup in Orlando:

1. SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN SUNCREEN: ... Now this isn't just because I am pale and probably will burn the second the sun comes in through the blinds in the morning (happened once).. I understand that not everyone is as addicted to sunscreen as I am. I get it. You don't have to wear it anywhere else (though you should), but PLEASE put it on your face. My number one tip for looking twelve forever.

2. A Good Primer: Using a good primer can make or break your makeup look. Whats the point of using an expensive foundation if you're just going to let in crease into your pores and wrinkles, and eventually let it slide off? And trust me... It'll slide in that humidity. Primer is like glue for the foundation.

3. Powder: Now Beauty Gurus have different opinions on powders, so I assume so does everyone. I do not care what you use: translucent, coloured, if you bake, etc. If you set your powder it'll give you a matte look that will hopefully last you long enough to get a good picture in front of the castle before you become an oily disaster.

4. Blotting Tissues: Congratulations you're a oily disaster! Have no fear, blotting tissues are here! And they are soo cheap. Wipe away that excess oil and retake that photo because the Photopass guy had his thumb on the camera. Thats why you go to the parks with friends right? They're way better photographers!

5.  Setting Spray: You might not have been an oily mess if you used a setting spray... Just saying...

6. Waterproof Mascara: I did not abide by this rule on the most part. In the summer, it was a must. It rains EVERYDAY. And when it wasn't raining, I was running through the Coke Cool-Off Misting Station. But in the winter I checked the forecast. Lets face it, waterproof mascara can be a pain to remove. I wanted to make sure it was worth putting it on.

Hope this tips help! Also I did a video with my typical makeup look for days in the park. Check it out.


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